Common Sense Leadership: NJ-12 Needs a Change

Now more than ever we need leaders in Washington who will use common sense rather than play party politics. We can’t afford to ignore major issues like immigration, law enforcement, and economic recovery. I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives from NJ-12 because I believe the nation needs leaders who will listen and respond to the concerns of ordinary Americans, regardless of their party.

During my campaign I’ve spoken with thousands of residents of the 12th. I’ve heard their concerns about the calls to defund police. In the name of justice, looters have taken advantage of protests while many black-owned businesses have suffered as a result. Americans aren’t blind, however. They can see those people who are calling to defund police are the same people who have turned a blind eye and failed to renounce violence as major cities across our great nation are looted and burned. This is not progress and violence is not the answer. The people of the 12th know that I will work tirelessly to ensure they are heard in the House of Representatives.

Where is my opponent as New Jersey suffers during the COVID pandemic? Small businesses are closing their doors forever and some are struggling to survive. Thousands were left to die in nursing homes as we sent COVID patients to be among our most vulnerable population. It's time to see New Jersey's economy thrive again. We need to safely and intelligently re-open businesses, lower taxes, and restore acts like the Homestead Rebate and Senior Freeze programs so seniors and the disabled will not suffer. I will fight for New Jersey.

My opponent has called the border wall “asinine and useless” believing that American citizens can be safe if our borders are unsecured. Leaders must work together to ensure that America remains a land of opportunity and that we remain a beacon of hope to any who wish to come here via legal immigration. We cannot allow drugs, human trafficking, gangs, and illegal immigration to threaten our security. I pledge to protect our nation and to work on immigration reform so that America can not only prosper, but so we can offer this hope of security and prosperity to all who seek to come here legally.

Fellow New Jerseyans, I was once a member of the Democrat party. I can tell you firsthand that the party of John F. Kennedy bears no resemblance to the party of my opponent today. My opponent refuses to respond to my requests for in-person, socially distanced debates. I believe this is because she fears discussing common sense policies. My opponent has failed to address the needs of the 12th and is solely relying on her position as the incumbent to gain re-election. I will always respond to the concerns of New Jersey and the nation.

When elected, I pledge to work tirelessly to protect the individual rights and liberties that make our nation exceptional by using common sense and fighting for the ordinary American citizen. That’s why I’m asking for you to disregard party politics and partisan rhetoric and vote for me, Mark Razzoli, for the House of Representatives in NJ's 12th District.

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