Conspiracies, Suspicions, and Shenanigans Abound

By Mark Razzoli

The election process in our country, states, and towns is the one and only opportunity for citizens to have their voices heard. Whether friends and family agree with each other’s point of view, it is still the privilege and duty to bring about change when needed, or to keep things that are working for us in place.

What is happening now and what has happened over the years on every level is not only disenfranchising and frustrating, but also a blatant slap in the face to the people of this great country: People who watch and listen to debates and who form their beliefs on what would be in the best interest of their local towns and for the country; people who talk among their inner circles and who weigh in on every detail carefully selecting the candidates that they feel will watch out for them and for their future generations.

There is an undercurrent of radicalism that seeks to destroy the process. A subculture of influencers and agitators who want nothing more than to create chaos and in-fighting and who want to see the United States Constitution wither away and become eradicated from history. The radical faction views the Constitution as an obstacle to their agenda.

I have heard from so many of my constituents, some are feeling helpless but most are enraged over the entire voting process having turned to shambles. Lost ballots, found ballots, changed ballots, ballot harvesting, multiple ballots from individuals - we’ve heard all the stories.

If the election process through the voices of the people cannot be truthfully and accurately represented in their votes, what else do they have? To that end, the Old Bridge Council has passed a resolution calling for VOTER IDENTIFICATION, NO MAIL IN VOTING, and VOTING ON ELECTION DAY ONLY! No more counting late votes, no flooding mailboxes with ballots like a Publishers’ Clearing House application. Return the process to an honorable system for citizens who wait for their chance to be heard and their LEGAL votes to mean something.

The fact that we must clarify what is considered a LEGAL vote, says it all. American citizens choose who governs them - not Phil Murphy, not the media, and not the CEOs of BIG TECH.

“We the People”

Let that never be erased. We MUST PROTECT AND DEFEND our God-given right as Americans for America! Every voice does count and every LEGAL vote counts to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

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