How to Request a Vote By Mail Ballot (VBM)

Click your county below to print an Application For Vote By Mail Ballot and follow the directions to complete it and mail it in. Once you have the ballot you can vote anytime before the election at your convenience. This leaves little excuse not to vote!

Somerset County VBM Application

Middlesex County VBM Application

Mercer County VBM Application

Union County VBM Application

We are hoping to turn our counties R E D this year, so get those ballots mailed and encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same!


STEP TWO: Fill in your personal information in boxes 2-7, then sign and date in boxes 8-9.

STEP THREE: Complete boxes 10-11 if you are providing application assistance to the voter.

STEP FOUR: Fold on the dotted lines with the County Clerk's postal address on the outside and tape it. Apply a stamp and then mail your VBM request form.

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