Mark Live on Edison Now Podast

Mark does a live interview with Edison Now, a weekly podcast & independent local news

for Edison & the surrounding Community.

Mark and the guys discuss voting matters, specifically how Governor Murphy should not have taken away our right to vote in person. In this enlightening conversation Mark tells why the governor's blatant abuse of power is unacceptable, and how we can combat it by returning our mail-in ballots to a secure drop box.

Additional topics include, the "insanity of the radical left", the current attack on freedom of speech, and...

  • Public safety (Mark serves on the council in Old Bridge which is the 15th safest township for their size in the nation)

  • How the success of public safety in Old Bridge is due to their police force working hand-in-hand with the community. (Mark is a retired Jersey City police officer and knows first hand how to engage the community)

  • Local politicians, including Mark's opponent, regurgitate the leftists' national public message, adding nothing new or helpful to the conversation about improving our nation.

  • Governor Murphy's disgraceful handling of the Corona virus and the subsequent devastation to our local small businesses.

One of Mark's main messages is this: The 2020 General Election is about common sense. Public safety is about common sense. Stand up to the radical left's mob mentality and their destructive, often violent, protesting. Push back, send a message, and vote them out of office. Use your mail-in ballot to stop power-seeking politicians and the destruction that ensues throughout their communities.

PUT PARTY AFFILIATION ASIDE. Vote for best person for your community, like Mark, so we can drive the economy, stabilize taxes, protect public safety, and improve the situation of our small businesses.

It's not about Democrat or Republican. It's about using common sense and voting for the best candidate for New Jersey.

Not voting has consequences. Return you ballot today with MARK RAZZOLI's name selected!

Click HERE to listen to Mark's passionate message in its entirety.

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