RETURN Your Mail-In Ballot!


Congressional candidate Mark Razzoli and the

Republican Party need your vote!

New Jersey’s governor has ordered an almost all Vote-By-Mail (VBM) process for the November 3rd general election. All registered voters will automatically receive a VBM ballot according to Governor Murphy’s executive order.

This state decree presents a number of ballot security challenges but don’t let it stop you from exercising your right to vote!

THE VBM BALLOT We don’t like the elimination of machine voting at the polls, but given the governor’s order, mail-in ballots are the best available option.

  • Complete and return your VBM ballot—postage free—as soon as possible, but no later than 8:00 PM on Election Day, November 3rd. Remember to mark your ballot for Mark Razzoli in the box for U.S House of Representatives.

  • Early return of your VBM ballot will help ensure your vote is counted—counting of VBMs begins 10 days before election day.

  • You can track your ballot online to verify your ballot is received by signing up with the NJ Division of Elections here.

OTHER OPTIONS There are some limited options if you prefer not to vote by mail.

  1. You can place your VBM ballot in one of at least ten secure ballot drop box locations in your county. Some locations have already been identified, with more to be set in the next few days. Check for updates and find the secure drop box most convenient for you.

While none of these options can replace casting your vote on the machines at the polls – the method the majority of Americans cite as the most reliable, secure means for having their votes count—we have no choice.

We must pivot. Make sure your vote is in and your voice is heard. Mark Razzoli is working with county officials to ensure each valid VBM ballot is counted and safeguarded from any attempts at voter fraud.

For more information, visit your county clerk’s website:


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